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Mother Goretti's Letter

March 18, 2020


Dear Sisters,

Greetings of Peace and Hope during these troubled times!

Attached is a very timely communique from the International Union of Superior Generals (UISG) with its urgent appeal for SOLIDARITY during this time of crisis.

Although the communication is clear and purposeful, allow me to reiterate an important point which we can easily overlook especially if we feel that the danger is outside our zone.  I quote, “It is the time to follow the directives provided by the World Health Organization and our respective governments.”

Dear Sisters, as we continue to pray for those who are sick, let us not forget to pray more so for the persons who are in the “front line” caring for them and for our medical experts who are still searching for remedies.  As Sr. Jolanta puts it: “… they should know that they are in the thoughts and prayers of Sisters worldwide.”

May I therefore ask that you disseminate this important communication from UISG to all the Sisters in the PDRs.  Invite them to set aside the 22nd day of March as a “day of worldwide solidarity and prayer especially for all those directly affected.”

Our good God is our Hope.  In Him we trust!

Affectionately in our Lord,

Sr. Maria Goretti LEE

Superior General

March 22: Day of Worldwide Solidarity and Prayer

Now is the time for each one of us to respond to the worldwide coronavirus crisis by being in solidarity with others, especially with those who are most vulnerable and most at risk. It is the time to follow the directives provided by the World Health Organization and our respective governments.

It is a special time for prayer and for witnessing through practical solidarity and awareness, our responsibly to care for one another. This extraordinary time provides space for acts of generosity and expressions of gratitude especially to those who are in the front line caring for the sick and those engaged in research projects searching for remedies, and those at work in the public services. No matter who they are or where they are, they should know that they are in the thoughts and prayers of sisters worldwide.

We therefore invite all the member congregations of UISG to make next Sunday 22nd March a day of worldwide solidarity and prayer especially for all those directly affected.

Sr. Jolanta Kafka rmi,

UISG President

Praise be to you, my Lord

Praise be to you, my Lord
Recycling artist,
Sr. Jo Kyu-hee
Sr. Jo Kyu-hee (Elizabeth) from Seoul Province, is a social worker who has become a recycling artist.

She won the silver prize award in the crafts section during the 40th International Contemporary Art Exhibition. The theme of her entry is ‘Saving the Earth,’ wherein she made use of recycling materials for her art design, ‘Saving the Earth.’ In her presentation, she utilized the ball used by gymnasts to symbolize the healing process that the earth has to undergo.

Sr. Elizabeth has chosen this theme, ‘Saving the Earth” because she wants to urge the world that they should join “Laudato Si” of “Pope Francis’ encyclical letter to save the planet. Her motivation to turn her work into an art is to find a channel where healing humanity through God’s love and mercy by “Saving the Earth,” and bringing about harmony to an ailing Earth, the common home of human race can take place.

She made use of the recycled 195 wine corks to represent the 195 countries participating in the Paris Climate Agreement in France in 2015, symbolizing their collaboration, unity and support to find ways and means to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change.  This means that regardless of race, people from all over the world are united, despite their differences.

The hexagonal shaped wood portrays support on the people and the Earth. The wooden hexagon signifies the hexagonal water that has been protecting and preserving the Earth. The Earth is covered with thousands of pieces of Korean handmade paper representing the people’s constant efforts to prevent the Earth’s temperature from rising. Finally, the hands that held and wrapped around the Earth are made up of stuffed Korean handmade papers symbolizing God’s loving and merciful healing touch.

Sr. Elizabeth has received many awards from the Korean Creative Art Contest since 2017. Her favorite medium for her art works has always been recycled materials. In 2017 she produced the installation art entitled, ‘The Light of Unity (2017)’, which was made from recycled eye drop containers. Here, she wants to convey her consolation to the victims of Sewolho ship carrying 299 students that sank into the sea as well as to commemorate the Candlelight Movement of Korea.  Another creation she made entitled “PEACE,” gave her another award in 2018. In this project, she made use of traditional window pane pattern to illustrate her desire for peace in the Korean Peninsula and for the world. Her work contains the pain of that period in the Korean history and her aspiration for peace and life with God

“SAVING THE EARTH” winning artwok of
Sr. Elizabeth


Philippine Province

Provincial House, Philippine Province Factory Line Assembly of Face Shields

Our Lady of Chartres Convent (OLCC), Provincialate, Philippine Province makes factory line assembly of face shields.

A humanitarian group asked the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres to make 1000 face shields.  They provided all the materials for their request.

The first beneficiary was the Philippine General Hospital, a  tertiary state-owned hospital administered and operated by the University of the Philippines in Manila.  Our Lady of Chartres Convent (OLCC), Provincialate providing their own materials, donated face shields to Clinica Antipolo and St. Paul Hospital in Cavite also. 

MINISTRIES: Formation, Education, Health Care, Pastoral Care, Special Apostolate and Alumni

Join Forces to Respond to COVID-19 Crisis

Raising funds and providing foods and temporary shelters to medical people, front-liners, military and poor people.

Raising funds and opening its doors to the frontliners of the nearby Philippine General Hospital.

Preparing complete meals for the front-liners who are on their way home.

Trolleys of food are placed outside the school gate.

They also distribute packed foods to poor families around the area that are not in the list of the local government.

Packing foods for health workers and people who lost their jobs.

Offering 3 meals everyday to 2 villages near the school.

Giving packed food and groceries to frontliners, PNP, military personnel, and poor families in their locality and sew face masks for hospital personnel.

have raised funds for Personal Protective Equipments and other hospital needs as well as other health care facilities.

Those who wish to help, please get in touch with your alma mater and see pdf file for details.

New Students

In Rome

The new students who were sent by their Provincial Superiors to study in Rome this year are from Vietnam: Danang and Saigon;  and from South Korea: Daegu and Seoul.

They are Sr. Angela Yee (Daegu), Sr. Elizabeth Yang and Sr. Martina Kim(Seoul), Sr. Therese  Cuong (Saigon), Sr. Marie Tran (Saigon), Sr. Lucie (Saigon) and Sr. Therese Phuong (Saigon).

Sr. Se-Jin KIM(Martina)

From Seoul, S. Korea, will study Sacred Scriptures (Licentiate) in Biblicum.

Sr. Yungi LEE (Angela)

From Daegu, S. Korea, will study Psychology/Spirituality in Gregorianum after she is done with her Italian Language course.

Sr. Yang Yoon hee (Elizabeth)

From Seoul, S. Korea, will study Formation in Gregorianum after she is done with her Italian Language course.

Sr. Therese Phan Ngoc Kim Cuong

From Saigon, Vietnam will study Liturgy in Santa Croce after she is done with her Italian Language course.

Sr. Lucie Nguyen Thi Quyn Anh

From Saigon, Vietnam. She is studying Philosophy in Angelicum.

Sr. Marie Tran Kim Le

From Saigon, Vietnam. She is studying Philosophy in Angelicum.

Sr. Therese Tran Thi Kim Phuong

From Danang, Vietnam. She is studying Philosophy in Angelicum.



During this pandemic, the Community of Rue des Lisses in Chartres with Sr Anne Françoise of the Mother House as the “couturière”  (chief seamstress), made protective washable masks and caps for the sisters and personnel and also produced Dandelion Syrup and Tea.  

The protective washable masks and mobcaps were given to their personnel who work regularly in the Mother House. Some masks were distributed to the “Residence Home for the Young workers” (Résidence Habitat Jeunes de Thuringe), a foster home under the care of the Sisters of St Paul in Chartres.

As it was announced that the progressive deconfinement is scheduled on May 11, the next batch of protective washable masks being made will be distributed to their teachers in schools.

Dandelion syrup and Tea

The sisters also made herbal syrup and tea out from dandelion flowers, where the flowers abound in their garden.

The dandelion syrup and tea have many health benefits that can help boost not only the immune system but can have many positive effects on our digestive system. It detoxifies the Liver, acts as a Diuretic, reduces water weight in the body, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, a powerhouse of antioxidants, fights diabetes, treats Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and fights Cancer.

Their Recipe Of Dandelion Syrup

The recipe is for the syrup–pure juice from dandelion flowers. 

The next 2 or even 3 boiling of the crushed flowers can be consumed as herbal tea 


For a liter of dandelion syrup you will need:

750 ml of spring water

500 grams of sugar

1 large bowl of dandelion flower petals

(After picking the dandelion flowers, take only the yellow petals)

1 large lemon (half a large lemon cut into rings – to make the lemon juice)


We have to obtain a bowl of petals without compressing it.

In a saucepan, pour the water, the sugar and the dandelion petals. 

Stir well and heat over low fire for 10 minutes. 

Then switch off.

Leave it for 15 minutes then sift to separate the petals from the liquid.

Heat again for about 20 minutes, until the liquid gets thickened, then put in the sterilized bottles.

Add lemon juice.


Simply boil for the 2nd time the dandelion flowers adding the same amount of ingredients minus the sugar.

The Sisters were inspired to compose this poem while they were making the dandelion syrup and tea.


Little dandelion

On the lawn, you bloom

Under the sun your petal blossoms

But the sisters picked you

In herbal tea, you ended

Little dandelion

Thank you for your life

With you, we will defeat the COVID.


Two of our Sisters from the Districts of Australia and  East Timor participate in the Formation Course for Formators organized by the UISG (International Union of Superiors General)  here in Rome, this year.  They join the other 44 participants from 24 countries.

Sr Inede and Sr Jarserina with Cardinal João BRAZ DE AVIZ               

Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life 

Sr. Inede pham kim ngoc

Sr Inede comes from the District of Australia. She is currently the Novice Directress in Australia.

Sr. Jarserina Carly Tilman Cardoso

Sr Jarserina is from the District of East Timor. At present, she is the Mistress of Novices in East Timor.