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January 12, 2020

Please also pray for our Sisters and the people of the Philippines.  Taal Volcano in Tagaytay City is erupting and could continue to do so in the days ahead with added force, that is if the prediction will come true that the worse is still to come.   Let us pray that the volcano will quiet down.

You see, with its strategic position in the Luzon area, we have many local communities and institutions, including a Renewal Center in Alfonso, Cavite that could really be affected.  Sr Lilia has alerted me that classes are cancelled with the spewed ashes reaching even the Provincial House in Antipolo, in the Province of Rizal. Traffic has also become a nightmare! Evacuation is now ongoing. 

Let our concerted prayer be that this calamity will not bring so much havoc to the people of Tagaytay and its environs, and the damages are kept to the minimum. 

Thank you.
Sr Maria Goretti Lee

January 8, 2020

SPC Australia Update on Bush Fire

Dear Sisters,

Yesterday, Sr. Teresa Lau apprised me on the current situation of the “bushfires” which I am sure you had been hearing these past months (since September) through news feeds. The situation has indeed reached an alarming point affecting a wide area – around 5.8 million hectares in New South Wales – with no signs of any let-up of the fire. The dry and hot weather add to the bushfires. Two days ago, according to Sr. Teresa, the weather in New South Wales reached 48.6 degrees.

Please let our thoughts and prayers be with our Sisters and the people of Australia. Let us pray with them for RAIN. The whole country is doing its best to help; the fire departments are working non-stop to contain the fire; countless volunteers lend their hand in whatever needs to be done… donations are pouring in…. but if there is no rain…

Together and with one voice, let us ask our good God to send down RAIN in the country to stop the bushfires from spreading further. Let us pray for the victims, those who died, those who lost properties and livestock, those who are traumatized by this calamity. This is indeed an environmental disaster that affects the animal world and the earth’s natural balance. May the good God hear us!

Sr. Maria Goretti Lee

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